5 Reasons People Love Living Near Portland

5 Reasons People Love Living Near Portland

  • David Merrick
  • 07/19/22

Living in the middle of a central metropolitan area like Portland certainly has its advantages. Big city life is full of bustling shopping centers, entertainment options galore, and the ability to connect with anyone and everyone. With a vibrant nightlife scene and an array of art galleries, museums, and outstanding restaurants to check out, Portland has no shortage of adventures for those who want to be right in the heart of the city.

On the flip side, those who value the quieter things in life may seek a home just on the outskirts of this fantastic city. Living in the gorgeous outlying neighborhoods of Portland is a wonderful way to get the best of both quiet residential and busy city life. This way, homeowners can reap all the benefits of a nearby urban scene without the frenzy of downtown living. 

So, whether you are looking for Washougal real estate or Ridgefield luxury homes, for example, you will have a tranquil oasis all your own that’s only a short drive away from downtown. If you were wondering what is so special about the Portland area that draws people to it, read below.

Outdoor recreation

Nothing will reconnect you with good vibes better than getting out into nature, and the stunning Portland area is home to one of the country's most active populations of outdoor people. Not only does Portland have gorgeous parks right in your backyard, but the beach, skiing, hiking, biking, and river activities are all just a short drive away. In fact, nature fans will rejoice at Portland’s urban growth boundary law that stops urban development past a certain point, guaranteeing the availability of wild and natural places right near the city.


The Portland area is home to many cyclists with a heart for exploration and exercise. You’ll often see bikes hitched to the back or top of cars all year long as people make their way to an exciting adventure in the hills or trails (or even as they commute to work). It’s also relatively easy to navigate the city on a bike, as bike lanes abound both north and south of the Columbia River. So, get out your helmet and get ready to ride!


Photo courtesy of Oregon is for Adventure

There is nothing in the world like standing on the beach and meditating to the sound of the waves rolling in and out. The Portland metro area is only a little over an hour away from the beach, so it’s a popular destination for those who crave the salty air of the Pacific Ocean. From Cannon Beach to Collins Beach, the Oregon coastline offers some beautiful water oases. If you’re a fan of the sand, you might also want to check out Astoria, one of the most quaint and charming towns on the coast.

Amazing weather

Although the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for rain, many people absolutely love the mellow and mild weather patterns of the Portland area. After all, there is no hint of the extreme cold you would find in Chicago, nor are there any stretches of high humidity like you would find in the deep South. The air in the Portland area always feels crisp and refreshing, giving you that burst of good energy that comes with clean, fresh air.

Another tip about the locals is that despite the frequent rain, very few people use umbrellas. Instead, they see the rain as a fact of life that they’ve come to accept (and some may even enjoy)!

Arts and culture

Photo courtesy of Jamie Francis, Travel Portland

Because of its often rainy forecast, the Portland area is full of indoor entertainment options, especially to the tune of arts and cultural venues. The city of Portland features monthly art walks, film festivals galore, book and storytelling events, a lively music scene, bustling theaters, and much more. From various art museums and lively concert halls to unique paintings and sculptures scattered around the city, there truly is something for everyone with an eye (and ear) for art.

The rivers

The Portland metro area sits at the confluence of the Columbia and the Willamette rivers, which add to the already extraordinary beauty of the area. Washougal and Camas real estate owners have a gorgeous property on one of the most stunningly impressive stretches of the Columbia River, offering breathtaking water views every morning.

The Gorge

Photo courtesy of Travel Portland

The Columbia River Gorge, the most spacious national scenic area in the United States, is a phenomenally picturesque 80-mile-long river canyon that is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural areas in the country. Carved by the Columbia River, the gorge’s astonishing beauty lies in the rocky cliffside and plethora of stunning trails, roaring waterfalls and creeks, wildflowers, and scenic overlooks. Hikers, bicyclists, fishers, boaters, and even windsurfers alike will enjoy the winding paths and fantastic river currents here. If you crave adventure and some amazing landscapes, you don’t want to miss it.

The next step

If you’re enticed by all of the gorgeous scenery and impressive natural areas to explore near the Portland metropolitan region, it’s time to call a knowledgeable local real estate agent who can get the ball rolling on your next home purchase. Whether you are interested in one of the upscale Washougal homes for sale or a glorious piece of Camas real estate, you are sure to find a home that will “wow” you every day.

When you are ready to take the next step, reach out to trusted local real estate expert David Merrick for guidance. Licensed in both Oregon and Washington, David is more than ready to ensure that you find that stunning Portland home that will check all your boxes.

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