Vancouver Waterfront

Cradle of culture and waterfront adventures with unbeatable views

Welcome to Vancouver Waterfront

Cradle of culture and waterfront adventures with unbeatable views
A striking riverfront destination running along the Columbia River just 10 minutes north of Portland, Vancouver Waterfront showcases a mix of residential appeal and commercial sophistication, bringing locals extraordinary experiences with renowned restaurants, breathtaking views, and abundant options for recreation. A short stroll or bike-ride away from Downtown Vancouver, this vibrant area boasts its own park, a five-mile waterfront trail, and a 90-foot scenic pier with massive cables designed to echo the billow of a sailboat.
Sharing Vancouver's mild year-round climate, this new development basks in oceanic bliss draped over cool winters and dry, sunny summers. Homes in the Vancouver Waterfront are a statement of luxury and splendor, running the gamut from single-family apartments to sleek condos with state-of-the-art facilities.

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What to Love

  • Grant Street Pier
  • Dazzling waterfront views and coastal breezes
  • Quick access to Portland and Downtown Vancouver
  • Sophisticated dining on the riverfront

Local Lifestyle

Draped in coastal breeze and gorgeous river views, Vancouver Waterfront is pure paradise on earth! Its gorgeous, state-of-the-art waterside amenities, including the park, Renaissance trail, and Grant Street Pier stand out like landmarks from fairytale land, inviting locals and visitors to a world of luxury, charm, and comfort. Still, residents enjoy unhindered access to all of Downtown's treasures and proximity to Portland. Whether you want to take wine tasting trips across the Waterfront's sophisticated wineries or have a sunset dinner date at one of its sleek restaurants, the experience awaiting here is unmatched.
Dining, Entertainment & Shopping
Packed with incredible restaurants and wine bars among other sophisticated establishments, you won't want to miss the flavorful experience that awaits in the scenic Vancouver Waterfront.
Start your beautiful day with a cup of coffee at Kafiex Roasters, and head to the popular WildFin to relish everything from seafood to pasta and sandwiches - all freshly handcrafted and locally sourced. Whether you're craving a delectable plate of shrimp and grits paired with a bloody Mary or seared Ahi salad accompanied with wine, your meal can be served on a sleek patio with umbrellas and a warm ambiance.
Guacamole can't taste better than it does at Dosalas Latin Kitchen + Tequila Bar. Don't miss out on the heavenly taste of their Brazilian cheese bread or yellowtail mango ceviche. Stop by Maryhill Winery Tasting Room to experience the rich and diverse flavors of Washington State wine.

About the Location

Vancouver Waterfront, located in Washington State, offers a picturesque setting on the north bank of the Columbia River, just across from Portland, Oregon. This vibrant area is easily accessible via Interstate 5 and the Interstate Bridge, making it a convenient and attractive location for both residents and visitors. The waterfront has undergone significant redevelopment, transforming it into a bustling hub of activity with residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Its strategic position not only provides stunning river views but also offers a quick connection to downtown Vancouver and nearby natural attractions, enhancing its appeal as a prime urban waterfront destination.

Arts & Culture

Vancouver Waterfront WA is rapidly becoming a cultural hotspot, enriched by its diverse arts scene and cultural institutions. The area is home to a variety of art galleries and installations, prominently featuring local and regional artists. One of the key attractions is the rotating outdoor art exhibitions along the Waterfront Renaissance Trail, where sculptures and installations add a creative flair to the scenic walkway. This open-air gallery not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the waterfront but also makes art accessible to all.
In addition to visual arts, the Vancouver Waterfront is known for its vibrant performing arts scene. The area hosts a range of live performances, from outdoor concerts at the Waterfront Park to theater productions by local troupes. These events often take place in picturesque settings, offering a unique combination of natural beauty and artistic expression.
Cultural institutions also play a significant role in the community. The Clark County Historical Museum, although a short distance from the waterfront, offers insights into the area's rich history and cultural evolution. The museum hosts various exhibitions and educational programs that delve into the local heritage, further enriching the cultural landscape of the Vancouver Waterfront.

Things to Do

Nothing beats a scenic hike with ocean breeze, so lace your hiking boots and come to the paved pathway of the Waterfront Renaissance Trail, which stretches along the glorious river with fabulous stops along the way. Be sure to stop by the stainless steel Wendy Rose sculpture and Ilchee Statue and Plaza. Quick access to Downtown brings the Vancouver Farmers Market to your doorstep every weekend in the summer. Hosted in Esther Short Park, come grab fresh-baked bread, kitchenware, vegetables, and luscious flowers as you vibe to the gentle live music thrilling the morning air and chat with vendors. 
The Waterfront Park is a favorite hangout spot for locals and a perfect way to spend an afternoon having a good time with friends on the lush 7.3-acre grounds or enjoying a picnic with family on an open lawn overlooking the glorious river. Kids love to splash around in the fountain, and you can find yourself on an empty bench to read a book or take a stroll along the walking paths. Catch a breathtaking sunset on the most visited landmark in all of Waterfront Vancouver. 

Notable Landmarks

Vancouver Waterfront is home to several notable landmarks that highlight its rich history and contemporary development. The Grant Street Pier is an architectural marvel, extending dramatically over the Columbia River and serving as a public art piece and a popular gathering spot. Nearby, the historic warehouses and the remnants of the old paper mill echo the area's industrial past, providing a stark contrast to the modern developments. Additionally, the Waterfront Renaissance Trail offers a historical journey along its paths, marked by informational plaques detailing the region's transformation from a bustling industrial hub to a revitalized recreational and residential district. These landmarks not only serve as focal points of interest but also as integral elements of the waterfront's identity and heritage.


Vancouver Waterfront is served by the prestigious Vancouver Public Schools, renowned for the top quality education it provides students.
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